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50g. Licorice Node/Seaman node trial pack

50g. Licorice Node/Seaman node trial pack
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6,78 EUR per 100g.
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Product no.: CLSK0050
MPN: E5-269
Manufacturer: Carletti A/S
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50g. Licorice Node/Seaman node. Quite large, knot-shaped, black-gray soft licorice covered with salt crystals, salty taste. Adult licorice, no kids licorice. Maximum consumption with constant enjoyment: 25g / day. Made in the best quality in Denmark. Is filled from kiloware and vacuum-packed. Aroma and freshness are thus preserved. Decoration is not included in the delivery.


Ingredients Licorice Node ~ Licorice Seaman node 

Sugar, glucose syrup, water, gelatine, stabilizer (sorbitol syrup), ammonium salt, sweet wood extract, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of edible fats) aromas, coloring (biochar). Traces of hazelnuts and almonds. Slight deviations of the list of ingredients are possible.

Licorice Knot Nutritional information 

Nutritional information per 100g:
Calorific value 1592 kj, 326 kcal.
Fat 2.0g,
of which saturated fatty acids 2.0%,
Carbohydrates 79g,
of which sugar 68g,
Protein 1.2g,
Salt 2.0g

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