200g. International licorice mix 2

Product no.: Lakritz-Mischung-2-200

200 g. ~ 10 types of hard liquorice and soft liquorice (see photo, 10x20g). From salty and hot to mild and sweet and mint.

A liquorice mix is also a great gift idea / gift side dish for every liquorice lover! Should it be sent directly? We are happy to add a given text to the shipment and decorate it with a suitable graphic.

Adult liquorice. No kid's liquorice.

01.Salminga licorice frogs. Frog-shaped black hard candy made of liquorice coated with salmiac powder. Very salty taste. Made in Sweden.

02.Witch howler / witch broom. black, sugar-candied soft liquorice in stick form coated with salmiac salt filling and salt crystals. Salty taste. Made in Denmark.

03. liquorice stones / salmiak splinters. Small diamond-shaped, coated hard liquorice candies. Salty taste. Gelatin-free, lactose-free, gluten-free. Real Dutch liquorice.

04.Bubs Hallon. Licorice shell foam. Approx. 5cm tall skulls as soft salt liquorice with delicate raspberry foam sugar. Made in Sweden.

05. Salt thaler. Extra salty starchy liquor. Salted 3 times. Made in the Netherlands.

06.Bubs Kola / Salta Oval Mini. Extra soft salty liquorice and mousse with a caramel flavor. Made in Sweden.

07. Licorice chalk / school chalk. White licorice with mint. White, stick-shaped soft liquorice wrapped in a crisp mint coat. Made in the Netherlands.

08.Salty octopuses. Salted squids made from foamed sugar with a liquorice flavor. Made in Sweden.

09.DZ-oval / Doubble Zout oval. Semi-soft, strongly salty liquorice. Double salted. Extra strong. Made in the Netherlands.

10. Jahnke aniseed briquette. Liquorice sweets made from spicy liquorice with a strong aniseed aroma. Made in Germany.

Some varieties contain gluten or almonds / hazelnuts. Please therefore note the Specifications. Adult liquorice. No kid's liquorice. The individual varieties are sent separately packed. Decoration is not included. The image can differ from the actual appearance of the product.


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200g. International licorice mix 2