Licorice samples for two ~ Enjoy 16 varieties of liquorice for two

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Enjoy licorice for two! International liquorice specialties of the highest quality from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, England and Germany.

Two candies each, 150g. from 16 different varieties or two candies, 175g. from 24 varieties of hard licorice and soft licorice, also with mint and cream fillings. From salty and spicy to mild and sweet.

Incidentally, licorice samples are also a great gift idea for every licorice lover!


01. Colorful liquorice sticks. Black soft liquorice coat in the shape of a stick with different colored slightly sweetish cream fillings. Sweetish taste. Made in Italy.

02. Salminga chilli pepper. Oval hard candy with brown salmiak powder. Chilli pepper filling, salty taste. Made in Sweden.

03. De Bron Kelten-Weichlakritz ~ Strong licorice, sugar-free with licorice. Made in the Netherlands.

04. Domino (with mint). black / white soft liquorice in stick shape, black = slightly salty liquorice, white = mint flavor. Made in Belgium.

05. Caramel Licorice Rocks. Licorice and sweets. The sweetish-caramel coat hides a spicy liquorice core. Made in Germany.

06. Salminga Finse Drops. Soft licorice with salmiaksalzfüllung, salty taste. Made in the Netherlands.

07. Witch Howler. black sugar-candied soft liquorice in rod form with salmiaksalzfüllung and salt crystals encased, salty taste. Made in Denmark.

08. starfish. Black liquorice in the form of starfish covered with salt crystals. Very salty taste.

09. Salminga licorice frogs. Frozen black licorice made of liquorice coated with ammonia powder. Very salty taste. Made in Sweden.

10. Liquorice chalk (with mint). White, rod-shaped soft licorice, wrapped in a crisp mint coat. Made in the Netherlands.

11. Licorice sailor knot. Large, knot-shaped, black-gray soft licorice covered with salt crystals, salty taste. Made in Denmark.

12. Salminga licorice spirals. Elongated hard candy coated with brown salmiak powder. Filling of ammonium salt. Salty taste. Made in Sweden.

13. Salminga licorice mix with mint. A mixture of small rhombic hard liquorice, consisting of mint and liquorice. Made in the Netherlands.

14. Salminga salt & pepper. Oval, black and white patterned hard candy coated with frosting and a very spicy salmiac salt and pepper mixture. Made in Sweden.

15. Liquorice tampons with cream filling. black soft liquorice coat in the shape of a stick with golden brown cream filling. Salty-sweet taste. Made in the Netherlands.

16. Liquorice stones. small, diamond-shaped, overpowered hard licorice sweets, salty taste. Made in the Netherlands.


17. Salminga Mint Rocks. The Mint Rocks convince with their licorice flavor and their intense mint flavor. Made in the Netherlands.

18. Mixtura solvent. Pressed sugar-free salami flavored lozenges. Made in Germany.

19. Liquorice cobblestone. Diamond-shaped, slightly greyish, pressed liquorice pastilles, unsalted hard liquorice, salty taste. Real Dutch liquorice.

20. Salminga salami pasta (classic pastilles). Small, very flat, diamond-shaped, soft salt liquorice covered with aniseed oil, salty taste. Made in the Netherlands.

Salminga Salmiak Powder. Made in Germany.

22. Tronchetto. Real pure licorice, without additives with licorice. Made in Italy.

Salminga Salmiak Flakes. A sugar condensate with salt liquorice. Ideal for refining desserts, desserts, salads, cereals ... or just for snacking! Sweetish-salty taste. Made in Denmark.

24. Knotweed pastilles. Pressed pastilles with knotweed flavor and licorice. Good for the respiratory tract. A very soft and round flavor. Made in the Netherlands.

Thus, you can peacefully, even with partner, Lakritz taste in the best quality. Adults licorice. No children's liquorice. Some varieties contain gluten and / or almonds / hazelnuts and the like. Please also note the ingredient lists.

The licorice samples are packed and shipped separately. Aroma and freshness are thus preserved. Decoration and larger quantities are not included.



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Licorice samples for two ~ Enjoy 16 varieties of liquorice for two

Licorice samples for two ~ Enjoy 16 varieties of liquorice for two