500g. Grated hot chilies

Product no.: Chillies-gemahlen-500

500g. Ground chilies. Sharp-aromatic. Finely ground, therefore easy to dose. A small prickle refines curry, chili con carne, goulash, fiery marinades for meat, fish, sauces and other dishes. Gives even desserts with chocolate a touch of sharpness.

Store dry and protected from light.

Is filled from fresh kiloware in food foil and shipped vacuum-packed. When vacuuming the air is removed from the packaging, then the bag is welded. Freshness and aroma are thus preserved longer. Decoration is not included.


9,20 EUR

Finalprice § 19 UStG. excl. Shipping costs

1,84 EUR per 100g.

500g. Grated hot chilies